Tuesday, February 9, 2010

writer's block intersection

Before I get to part two of the Writer's Block, let me say....

This is what we see from our balconies and sidewalks.

And this.

This is the Escher House.

On the Writer's Block there are at least five serious writers.

Sasha is one of them.

She just had her first reading for her first book, at Fresno State.

It was nice that Phil and Frannie showed up, but it made her hecka (to use a Fresno word) nervous.

She was great.

She went on after Medrano, pictured here preparing his set.

A lot of our family showed up.

Here is, from left to right, like you would read a line from a poem, Tina, Renee, my auntie Cookie, Erin, Tim, Cruz, and Freddy. Then there is Nicole, Sandy, Corina, and in the front Ezekiel.

She signed a lot of books.

Our aunt Cookie, or Ruth, or Cuka , was very proud of Sasha.

This is our brother.

This is a cool MFA candidate, a Chicana from Inglewood, Los.

These are three writers.

One of them lives on the Writer's block.

Speaking of the Writer's Block, part two anyone?